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Excerpts & Audio

Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli
A Reading by the Author
Playlist: Select a poem & listen in stereo.

GoTo In A Word
GoTo Only In America
GoTo Perennial
GoTo Autumn
GoTo Fog
GoTo Sea Ghosts In Hell
GoTo City Parks
GoTo Dusk
GoTo Among the Daffodils
GoTo The Trial
GoTo The Arsenal
GoTo Perspective

GoTo The Twelfth Night
GoTo Duty Externally
GoTo Group Theory
GoTo The Chicken or the Egg
GoTo Wind Blown
GoTo Science
GoTo Onset of Our Differences
GoTo Color
GoTo Peace On Earth
GoTo All Aboard
GoTo Collaboration
GoTo Contemplation
GoTo Dodge City
GoTo Connected
GoTo Insincerity
GoTo The Cynic
GoTo Indian Summer
GoTo Winter In Charleston
GoTo Moonlings
GoTo Computer Speak
GoTo Opportunity
GoTo Prelude to a Poet
GoTo The Object of Love

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