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Group Theory

Poetry Clip; Opportunity from: Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo by Anthony N Lalli, A Reading by the Author
Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli

A Reading by the Author

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CD Jewel Case: Poetry Beat of the Lingo
CD: Poetry-The
Beat of the Lingo,
A Reading by the Author

Poem Clip: Group Theory

The founding of contempt will never cradle the chance to
be exempt from those ideas, that when done, enhance the
worst in men. To sustain the identity of ancestry, some
conceived of the group, where incubation nurtures the
future realization of enmity, and the birth of the perpetual
loop. Generations become lost forever because their
convictions backfire, generating fractures that inflame,
and sons and daughters with misdirection, which create
disdain, again and again. While it is intellectually...

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