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Poetry Clip; Opportunity from: Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo by Anthony N Lalli, A Reading by the Author
Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli

A Reading by the Author

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CD Jewel Case: Poetry Beat of the Lingo
CD: Poetry-The
Beat of the Lingo,
A Reading by the Author

Poem Clip: Insincerity

Wheedle she, wheedle dumb, and so says the beat of the
enchanter's drum, as he meanders among the beautiful
women. Wander to, wander from, meander rampart
among the old and young, and so says the philanderer.

Assuredly, some cossets, incognizant of the absurdity,
are cuddled, coddled, and sold by the lure of the
delusion. Thus, they are bewitched and cajoled in an
idiom, which applauds deception but shrouds the flaws
and indignity. ...

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