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Poetry Clip; Opportunity from: Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo by Anthony N Lalli, A Reading by the Author
Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli

A Reading by the Author

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CD Jewel Case: Poetry Beat of the Lingo
CD: Poetry-The
Beat of the Lingo,
A Reading by the Autho

Poem Clip: Perspective

If I were to stand on the edge of the universe, what would
I see? Perhaps I would see the brink. My feet and my
being would be teetering on the precipice of a chemical
sink, a link to where we've been and where we might
go next, a history of a complex chain of events, a step
beyond, a thought to respond, a point to depart. Out
there , light is extinguished, rainbows relinquished,
flowers and bumblebees, even if they existed, could not
be distinguished. Yet,...

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