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Poetry The Beat of the Lingo Trial

Poetry The Beat of the Lingo Trial
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The PC eBook Trial Edition of "The Beat of Lingo" is the full version and you have two looks. The idea is to let a potential buyer or renter browse the entire book and determine if the product is for you. After it is opened twice and browsed, the eBook expires, but you are given a $2.49 coupon that can be applied to the purchase of the hardcopy or eCopy, of the same title.

The PC eBook Trial Edition, does not require a eBook Reader device. It is a downloadable product in the form of a setup file. Click on the setup file and the eBook will be installed on your hard drive with a icon placed on your desktop. The setup file is digitally signed by Ants Hole and is added security.

Poetry the Beat of the Lingo,  Anthony N Lalli
, is a eBook of 35 poems. The author believes that poetry is music without the notes and the reader's quest should be to find the beauty in the sounds. From this book, you can listen to the music of your own voice silently or aloud; it is the beat of the words that you will be hearing.

Much of the work is written in a free style that is almost essay like. But there is more than just a easy listening composition, this reading offers to the listener profound meaning, patriotism, fun, and even bouts of spirituality.
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