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Poetry Clip; Opportunity from: Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo by Anthony N Lalli, A Reading by the Author
Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli

A Reading by the Author

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CD Jewel Case: Poetry Beat of the Lingo
CD: Poetry-The
Beat of the Lingo,
A Reading by the Author

Poem Clip: Science

Out of a cacophony of inquisitorial pursuits, predicated
on the true worth of thought, God gave birth to the truth,
and made it a member of the nobility. It was born from
the root of reproducibility, and it is the embodiment of
trust. Yet, He then created hope, and said it must become
the guardian against the origins of doubt, which would
temper bouts of skepticism,and would avoid a collision
between realty and frivolity. Then, with ferocity of His will,...

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