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The Arsenal

Poetry Clip; Opportunity from: Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo by Anthony N Lalli, A Reading by the Author
Poetry-The Beat of the Lingo
by Anthony N. Lalli

A Reading by the Author

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CD Jewel Case: Poetry Beat of the Lingo
CD: Poetry-The
Beat of the Lingo,
A Reading by the Author

Poem Clip: The Arsenal

To catapult your dreams beyond the pull
of the earth is never simple.
Whiz by streams of debris; witness the birth of black
holes that extend from sea to shinning sea.
But peculiar to people in flight, as stark as dark and light,
are precious principles that peer just over yonder.
Although appropriate apprehensions duly sends a signal
and draws cannon fire, yet, peculiar to principle, one
stands unfettered, foils fear, steers the rudder.
Fire one! Heart pounds. Fire two! ...

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